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  • Near Kanuparthipadu, Nellore. A.P. India.
  • Advantages

    Ithaka Residential Advantages:

    • Warden acts as the local guardian and guide
    • Residential blocks under constant vigil and surveillance.
    • Hot water and laundry facility. Medical facilities provided round-the-clock.
    • Communication with parents provided at specified hours.

    A place that will shape into a home for stories of bonding.

    Ithaka will offer residential facilities from the year 2014. Exclusive residential blocks separately for boys and girls in the adjoining spacious area are taking shape at a fast pace. The facilities designed will be comfortable and conducive with only three students sharing a room. Each boarder will be provided a private space for his belongings, a built-in wardrobe, a desk and a bed. It will also have a common area in each floor, which will act as an activity and games room.

    CIE- Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) - Advantages :

    • Student-centric programme complements a range of teaching methods and curricula that meets the requirements at a global level.
    • Builds a dynamic and exciting thematic curriculum framework to develop English, Mathematics, Science skills, knowledge and understanding in young learners.
    • Focus on academics and personality development and the development of a global awareness and international-mindedness.
    • Learning is active,engaging, and above all, meaningful
    • Focused around themes of real interest to children and contains dynamic, exciting things for them to explore, research and record.
    • The curriculum contains specific learning goals for each stage of primary education.
    • It also enables detailed, structured and authentic reporting to parents.
    • Continuous assessment system to evaluate learner's strengths and weaknesses,so that they can progress seamlessly into higher classes.
    • Periodical evaluation and ongoing support for teachers through training workshops.